A little late on the uptake...

OK, I'm more than a little late seeing this lovely mention on Bustle (from November) - but grateful nonetheless for the kind words.  I don't know which pleases me more - that I "should definitely be on your radar" or the fact that I fall into the category of "young" female. :) Either way, here's the link


Art studios are just much much larger in Philadelphia

"Art After Dark" with Room & Board, New York 10/15/15

"Chance Encounter and "Fleet 4" stayed out late partying (alongside works by some of my other favorite Uprise artists - Chad Kouri, Ashok Sinha, Dolly Faibyshev among others) at Uprise Art's pop-up installation for Room & Board's flagship store in NYC. Photos by Michelle Capor.

Free Arts Art Auction, New York City 11/18/15

This fall, the lovely folks at Uprise Art co-sponsored a charitable event in support of Free Arts NYC's 3rd Annual Art Auction in which they featured a variety of works by their artists. My 2013 work on paper, "Fill In The Blanks" joined the occasion and went home with a new owner that evening. All proceeds benefitted Free Arts NYC.

Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton 07/09/15 - 07/12/15

Just a couple hundred feet from the Atlantic Ocean in Bridgehampton, NY, Uprise Art featured me (alongside the fabulous Kal Mansur and Erin Lynn Welsh) at this summer's "Market Art + Design". Previously known as ArtMarket Hamptons, Market Art + Design featured a newly added design component and is now hosted at the waterfront venue Fairview Farm at Mecox Bridgehampton.


in good hands...

so grateful to the amazing Lesley Unruh for today's painless photoshoot (stay tuned for details...) and to makeup/hair wizard Leyda Quintero for bringing the sparkle.  and thank you for letting me play guitar for you!!!


AAF interview goes live!

Next, we’d like to introduce you to Jen Wink, represented by Uprise Art. Below Jen gives a honest and detailed description of her first solo show that left a lasting impression. 

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