"Playing Field" at Sears Peyton Gallery, NYC


"Raised in Maine and currently living in Philadelphia, Hays’ forms—dispersed in expanses that both surround and unite them—can be seen to reference both the open field she walked between her house and her grandparents’ in Maine as a child, and the urban landscape that surrounds individual buildings in Philadelphia. In Hays’ painting Dreams and Things, marigold-yellow polygons and orbs of spring green radiate from beneath a subtle field of gray-pink. 

...Rendered in a palette reminiscent of the pale intensities of fellow Mainer Lois Dodd, the forms in the painting levitate in peaceful balance with the field that weights them from above, tilting the eye in and out of the painting’s spaces. Hays’ own dramas of space, color, and form hold the intensities of color and field in breathless suspension."  READ FULL ARTICLE

a peek "Inside the Studio" with UPRISE

Inside the Studio: VISIT WITH JEN WINK HAYS    We stopped by the Philadelphia, PA studio of Jen Wink Hays to explore her latest works on canvas. A departure from her works on paper, Jen’s latest paintings explore the complexity of networks in imagined vast oceans of abstract free-floating forms and interlinked landmasses. Through the materiality of oil, these spaces become even more specific, and take on a character and quality of their own. GO TO ARTICLE

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"...Hays’ transition from working in gouache on paper to painting with oil on canvas further illuminates her approach to context, negative space, the surrounding substance that envelop the colorful forms within." 

A little late on the uptake...

OK, I'm more than a little late seeing this lovely mention on Bustle (from November) - but grateful nonetheless for the kind words.  I don't know which pleases me more - that I "should definitely be on your radar" or the fact that I fall into the category of "young" female. :) Either way, here's the link


Art studios are just much much larger in Philadelphia